Sahara Investment (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned Namibian company established to provide services in the area, but not limited to construction, mining, transportation and property management as stipulated under its main objectives.

The company is owned by professional Namibians with extensive experience and specialization in the field of business consultancy, engineering, accounting services, human resources management, construction, property management as well as fleet management. The company is committed to providing highly professional and efficient services.

 Main objectives of the company

The Strategic long term objective of Sahara Investments is to grow the business through joint ventures, acquisitions and strategic partnership through our consistent pursuit of meaningful business relationships with local and international entrepreneurs in order to achieve the company vision.

 The short-term objective is to enter into strategic equity partnership with established international experienced partners. The additional short-term goal is to develop local management staff through understudy arrangements with the strategic equity partners.

 The founders of Sahara Investments (Pty) Ltd intend to make a significant contribution in the development goals of the Republic of Namibia, by mobilizing all available human and natural resources in order to complement the efforts of the government in empowering the previously disadvantaged communities. They also intend to play a significant role in infrastructure development in the country  as well as construction and property development.

Some of the main objectives are the following

  • To take a lead in business consultancy and business management in the country;
  • Project designing, implementation and commissioning (I.e. turn key projects) and project management;
  • Provision of aftercare service in the areas of engineering, business management, business restructuring and reorganisation;
  • Provision of clearing and forwarding as well as transportation services;
  • Provision of services on funds mobilisation and capital restructuring;
  • Provision (with associate companies) of engineering, equipment development, accounting, human resources management, financial advisory services, commercial laws and information technology.
  • The company has access to the services of highly qualified personnel through business associates both internationally and locally drawn from all regions of the country. The following is a list of some of our business associates with their area of specialities
Why us?

The company is committed to providing highly professional services efficiently and effectively

We will manage your project with the outmost professionalism from start to successful completion.